GDPR & Data Privacy Notice

Correspondence through the website is responded to and personal information is not retained. No details are passed to any 3rd Party.


If you have any concerns or need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.


Data Protection Statement

Your personal data will be stored in paper form and be accessible by Kirsty Wright, your information will not be shared to any third party companies. We will only contact you with regards booked appointments with Kirsty Wright Massage and associated matters.

Medical Malpractice

For professional indemnity, Kirsty Wright Massage is required to keep your client record for 7 years, after your last treatment. For your children 3 years after eighteenth birthday, assuming the last treatment was before this date. After this date all paper records shall be shredded.

Record Keeping
Your consultation forms are kept in paper copy in a locked filing cabinet at Glenmore Lodge or Kirsty Wrights home address, depending on your treatment location. Your files are not viewed or accessible by anyone other than Kirsty Wright, unless consent is given by yourself in writing to share with an other medical professional. You can ask to view your client files at any given time.

Medical Information Required
The medical & emotional questions are required so that Kirsty Wright can provide thee best treatment for you. It is your responsibility to inform Kirsty Wright if in future your have a new medical condition or start taking any new medication, as there may be contraindications for your treatment